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Reduction in Recruitment Requests (RIR)

U.S. Department of Labor ("DOL") Regional Offices and State Employment Security Agencies ("SESAs") encourage reduction in recruitment ("RIR") requests on labor certification applications:

  1. For occupations for which there is little or no availability;

  2. Which contain no restrictive requirements;

  3. Which meet the prevailing wage; and

  4. For which the employer can show adequate recruitment through sources normal to the occupation and industry within the preceding 6 months.

RIR requests will be given expedited processing by SESAs and DOL Regional Offices.

The employer needs to submit evidence of "on-going, extensive" recruitment within the past 6 months (some form of recruitment must cover the entire 6 months time period). For example:

  • Newspaper advertising (Advertisement must be placed in a newspaper of general circulation or an appropriate trade journal. Based on DOL’s position, we suggest that the employer run 3 or more newspaper ads in the 6 months, preferably spread out over the first 5 months, leaving the 6th month for job applicants to respond.) Save original tear sheets of newspaper ads/journal ads (the entire page, including newspaper name, date, and the ad) or ad agency’s proof sheets of ads. Hand written verification of the publication and the date ad was run, is not acceptable.

  • Internet (Employer’s own web site job posting or internet job posting service such as Career Mosaics, Yahoo, Monster Board, etc.)

  • Internal Job Posting: (For ten consecutive days), submit the employer’s internal job listing or bulletins.

  • Employee Referral Bonus Program: submit a copy of the employer’s referral program.

  • Cal Jobs: (California Job Browsing System web site) Need active CA tax ID number. Submit a copy of the employer’s job order, clearly showing the employer’s tax account number, the EDD job order number and the ad placed by the employer. The job listing service is free. It usually lasts for 2 weeks, but the employer can change it to a longer period.

  • On-campus recruitment: include ads for the campus recruitment and evidence that the company attended the campus recruitment job fairs on the dates advertised.

  • Head Hunters: submit a list of agents used and a copy of at least one contract with an agent.

  • Job Fairs/Trade Shows: include ads for job fairs/trade shows and evidence that the company attended the job fairs on the dates advertised.

  • Other Types of Recruitment: submit copies of other types of recruitment used by the employer.

The employer need not submit resumes from job applicants, but has to submit a statement summarizing recruitment efforts. The statement should indicate the number of resumes that were received (at least an approximate figure), the number of interviews which were conducted, and the number of U.S. workers (mainly U.S. citizens and U.S. permanent residents) who were actually hired.

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